Let's learn what we do at HostingWheel

HostingWheel is a modern web hosting company that provides services for web developers, online marketers, and business owners to get their website online in a cost-effective way to build a brand identity for themselves. We strive to offer our customers exclusive deals to support talented people who are committed to building their websites in India or abroad with few to no restrictions. Plus, HostingWheel is run by professionals to fulfill their mission of making the internet accessible to all with informative and friendly guidelines at every step of your journey.

Our Story

Hosting Wheel was founded in early January 2020 with a team of innovative personalities led by Sandeep Bagga and Akash Meshram to fulfill the needs of an online community all over the world. Our professionals believe in setting clear goals that will ensure high-quality results simply by purchasing affordable investments in the industry.

We found out what problems the online community faces with popular hosting brands. That’s why we started this project to offer a tour to our customers in a package that you couldn’t find any flaws. At the same time, we believe in constant growth to keep up with market trends and never break the trust of customers by devoting our services to the advancement of the latest technology.


Our Customs & Traditions

At HostingWheel, we view our customers and people who work for our company as a family with traditions that reflect the core values ​​and innovative nature of our work culture. We believe in working together to achieve the ultimate goal as each of us has a responsibility to maintain sustainable growth by providing custom services to create a lifetime effect that millions of people will remember.

The driving factor for our family at HostingWheel is to stay together and generate interesting ideas that our customers can use to pursue their goals with a complete motivation that no one can stop.

Our Vision

HostingWheel’s version is to make the internet accessible to every customer who has the idea of ​​pursuing their goals with a motivation that no one can stop. Become a part of our hosting family and start your journey today.

What we do best?

Hardware Components

We are known for our flexible web hosting solutions that are great for both beginners and professionals to build international websites for handling any kind of traffic. So, if you are planning to create an eCommerce, blog, or another online website, HostingWheel is the perfect solution for you!

Hardware Components

Creating your own online website is quite a difficult task! But with HostingWheel, you can easily build your modern website today using our Drag & Drop builder with no technical skills needed to expand your presence in the online world.

Hardware Components

Make use of our turbo-charged cloud servers that allow you to meet all your needs in a fraction of a second with every plan we offer. Plus, get 24/7 technical support for your hosting plan to make sure your problem is resolved as soon as possible.

Hardware Components

Need traffic to your site? Don’t worry we have got you covered! Use over digital technologies like Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Online Branding, On-page SEO Off-page SEO, PPC, Backlink, etc. to crush your competition in your field.

Our 7 Principle Of Success

  • We offer a complete package of unmatched services and an extraordinary platform to satisfy our customers.
  • We try to maintain high standards in order to have a positive impact on our customers’ businesses.
  • Our team works together, around the clock to help the community win more.
  • We believe in rapid development to always be one step ahead of market trends.
  • We strive for a better future for the personal and professional development of our customers.
  • We are constantly updating and tweaking our structure to simplify the management platform for our users.
  • We are always motivated to find new ways to grow your brand in ways like never seen before.

Why go with HostingWheel?

Constant Support

You name it we have it! Our in-house support team gives you free access to ask technical questions and get quick solutions so that your website stays up and running at all times.

Quick Conduct

With our modern infrastructure and highly efficient services, you can trust us to provide a safe and reliable environment to build your website from scratch with a top-notch uptime.

Reliable Workflow

Receive regular reports in your email and number to better understand our platform and the latest features without any hidden costs to provide you with excellent service with transparent features.

Let’s make your dream a reality

We take customer satisfaction as our top priority and therefore our core services are aimed to provide the best customer support to help them with any of their issues. You can easily communicate with our specialists to find the fastest solution to your problem, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email, live chat, or on our social media platforms to make friendly & informative sessions at HostingWheel.

Careers at Hostingwheel

We are at the stage of unstoppable growth and are looking for skilled professionals to join our team

Our Partners

Our Happy Customers

They provide the best support for all web hosting related issues. The support executive of Hostingwheel has been very quick to respond and resolve. Happy to host with Hostingwheel. I would recommend their services to everyone.
Gaurav Kulkarni
July 08, 2020
Timely and professional support. Hosting Wheel offers the quality of support and service without any additional cost. They are fast and reliable. They provide tech support on 24/7 live chat. It's very helpful in crucial situations. The server performance is also good. You can trust them as a server 'partner'. Thank you
Roshni Y
My relation with Hosting Wheel is more than a year. I am totally happy and relaxed with their web hosting solution. It's great when a company sticks with the promises they make and Hosting Wheel has never let me down. I will continue to host my website with them for years.
Akshay Kalsekar
We are a regular client of Hosting Wheel. They give a positive response with a solution. We talked with one of their female support executives, she gave us the exact solution to our issue. We are thankful to her for taking the efforts and knowledge to resolve our issues. Thanks to Hosting Wheel.  
Kaustubh Sontakke
CEO  - VMT ltd
July 08, 2020


When a website is stored on a public computer, it is called a hosting service. Some websites have their own servers, but most of the time users use the same platform to host hundreds of websites in one repository. This way, you can buy hosting packages from general customers at affordable prices.
No, these are completely different services, but they work together to provide specific functionality to a site owner. When you have decided to increase your online business presence, you will need to purchase a domain name that will give your website a name that you can later connect to your hosting server which will store your website data in its memory.
When trying to build a region-specific website, it's important to choose a server close to your location so that users can connect to your service more quickly. With HostingWheel, you get to choose a preferred location of a data center according to your target group.
All accounts are set up immediately after purchase, so you can start building your website with direct email instructions within minutes of payment.
Yes anytime! From shared hosting to private hosting and all of our services included, you can easily upgrade to another server and change various features of your hosting plan anytime you want.