Is it possible to transfer a domain name with one service provider and link it to another hosting provider?

Your hosting company does not have to register domain names. In reality, you can host your domain name with one company and then connect it to another’s hosting.

In a perfect world, we will never have to think about changing web hosts because our site will be happy to stay at the current hosting provider’s facility, which provides fast load times, low prices, and 100% uptime.

Unfortunately, the world is not flawless, and this ideal scenario is uncommon, if ever, to come across. If your current web host isn’t meeting your needs, it’s time to look for a new one. Transferring the website to a new web host doesn’t have to be as difficult as relocating. If you take the right steps, it can be fairly easy.

When converting a website to a new web host, you must first:

  • Purchase and activate new hosting accounts.

  • All website archives, including databases and email accounts, should be transferred.

  • Install and customise your application on the new host (PHP edition, WordPress, etc.).

  • Examine the new site at the staging / temporary URL.

  • If there are some bugs, troubleshoot them.

  • Shift the DNS records for your domain to the new web host.

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Web hosting is a competitive market, and hosting companies can go to any extent to attract new clients. Many hosting providers, including some excellent ones, offer new customers a low-cost website migration service. Once you’ve signed up with the new provider, all you have to do is lodge a migration, and their support team can handle the rest.


Here is what you need to do :


Register with a web host that provides site migration services : HostingWheel


Request a site migration and provide information about the site :

Give your new site host (HostingWheel) a migration order. Usually, all you need to do is include login information from your previous web host, such as your hostname, control panel login, and FTP login, and your new web host (HostingWheel) can handle the rest.


Now just sit back and relax : All the work will be done with your new host (HostingWheel), so just sit back and relax.


Identifying When It’s Time to Switch Web Hosts :


1. Your website is often down.

2. The website is incredibly slow.

3. Customer service is ineffective.

4. You need additional space, functionality, or services.

5. You are overpaying for your services.

6. You’ve been hacked several times.

7. You’ve read of a fantastic service somewhere else.


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