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Get Your Business Online in 3 Easy Steps


Pick a Domain

Explore different domain extensions and select an cheap Indian domain registration to help you stand out online and cater to your audience’s needs with the perfect domain.


Choose a hosting

Find reliable and budget-friendly domain hosting services at HostingWheel. Enhance your online presence effortlessly. Choose from a variety of hosting options to meet all your website needs.


Build your Website

Choose the best hosting provider, secure your domain, and leverage user-friendly platforms like WordPress for hassle-free website building. Let us help you achieve your online goals effortlessly.

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Cheap Indian Domain Registration with a Trusted USA Registrar

TLD Minimum Years Register Transfer Renew
Register Transfer Renew
.com 1 ₹1135/Yr ₹1135 ₹1135/Yr
.net 1 ₹1239 /Yr ₹1239 ₹1239 /Yr
.org 1 ₹1299 /Yr ₹1299 ₹1299 /Yr
.info 1 ₹699/Yr ₹699 ₹699 /Yr
.co 1 ₹1199 /Yr ₹2469 ₹2469 /Yr
.asia 1 ₹1239 /Yr ₹1239 ₹1239 /Yr
.in 1 ₹699 /Yr ₹699 ₹699 /Yr
.me 1 ₹939 /Yr ₹1549 ₹1549 /Yr 1 ₹1649 /Yr ₹1649 ₹1649 /Yr 1 ₹750 /Yr ₹750 ₹750 /Yr 1 ₹579 /Yr ₹579 ₹579 /Yr 1 ₹579 /Yr ₹579 ₹579 /Yr 1 ₹579 /Yr ₹579 ₹579 /Yr
.tv 1 ₹2359 /Yr ₹2359 ₹2359 /Yr
.wiki 1 ₹439 /Yr ₹439 ₹439 /Yr
.xyz 1 ₹299 /Yr ₹1199 ₹1199 /Yr
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Perks of Owning a Domain


Easy to Remember

Our user-friendly domain names ensure optimal memorability and credibility, boosting your brand’s recognition in no time. Simplify your digital presence and make a lasting impact.


Establish an Identity

Elevate your brand with our cheap Indian domain registration & name services, showcasing your identity and credibility. Expand your reach and build a strong brand reputation with a unique domain.


Get more Traffic

Choose a clean and simple domain to make your site memorable and attract more visitors. Since they are very easy to recall and remember for longer periods after one visit only.


Acquires the trust of clients

Discover how short domain names drive customer trust & recall. Learn why the world’s top websites choose concise branding. Acquire the trust of clients with a memorable domain!


Improves SEO Ranking

Our solution focuses on domain simplicity for better search engine visibility. Discover the power of easy-to-remember domains to Improve SEO Ranking.


Allows you to send Professional Emails

Improve your brand image with custom domain email addresses on reliable platforms like Gmail and Yahoo. Opt for our tailored premium email solutions for businesses of all sizes.

How Do You Manage Your Domain Name?

Every registered domain has a rightful owner and each owner has to maintain their domain to perform certain actions like transferring a domain between registers or linking it to name service and many other different things.

That’s why we offer a C-Panel for each of your domains to easily access and maintain it in a single click with each of our cheap Indian domain registration plans.

In addition, we have multiple tools to help you renew, bill, host, and perform new changes from one location to provide a quality and user-friendly service to the customer.

cheap indian domain registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Server names are complicated with long numbers which are hard for general users to remember, so domain names are assigned to local or international service to make them user-friendly and easy to remember that can be typed on the internet. When a person enters a domain name in search engines like Google or Firefox then they redirect it to the assigned server location which shows your website data on your browser.
Yes, you can easily resistor a similar domain name as your company name for making a website for your specific organization.

Hyphens and numbers are allowed to use for domain names but it makes the domain complex for customers which is why it is not the best practice that you can use before buying an ideal domain name for your company. Professional Web-Developers always advise you to buy simple and short names that are easy to remember and contains less chance of errors.
Yes, most of the branded companies try to keep their domain name shorter and simple so the user can easily remember them after one visit only on their website. Longer names can cause some problems as they are confusing and takes more time to read which can affect your ranking on search engines like Google. That's why try to choose a domain name that is short and simple which you can find on our HostingWheel's domain registry page.
Firstly, you should place a transfer order on your old domain registrar which would send you an email to confirm your submission. After the confirmation, it will take around 5 to 7 days to transfer the domain from your old register to HostingWheel servers which you will be able to use and manage for our C-Panels.
There are some occasions when a domain of that desired name has already been resisted by another company or an individual in which case you have to contact that seller to renew the domain on your name. Moreover, there are many brokerage services which could help you get other people domain name for your website while charging you a few expenses for there services.

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