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Server names are complicated with long numbers which are hard for general users to remember, so domain names are assigned to local or international service to make them user-friendly and easy to remember that can be typed on the internet. When a person enters a domain name in search engines like Google or Firefox then they redirect it to the assigned server location which shows your website data on your browser.
Yes, you can easily resistor a similar domain name as your company name for making a website for your specific organization.
There are some occasions when a domain of that desired name has already been resisted by another company or an individual in which case you have to contact that seller to renew the domain on your name. Moreover, there are many brokerage services which could help you get other people domain name for your website while charging you a few expenses for there services.
Hyphens and numbers are allowed to use for domain names but it makes the domain complex for customers which is why it is not the best practice that you can use before buying an ideal domain name for your company. Professional Web-Developers always advise you to buy simple and short names that are easy to remember and contains less chance of errors.
Yes, most of the branded companies try to keep their domain name shorter and simple so the user can easily remember them after one visit only on their website. Longer names can cause some problems as they are confusing and takes more time to read which can affect your ranking on search engines like Google. That's why try to choose a domain name that is short and simple which you can find on our HostingWheel's domain registry page.
Firstly, you should place a transfer order on your old domain registrar which would send you an email to confirm your submission. After the confirmation, it will take around 5 to 7 days to transfer the domain from your old register to HostingWheel servers which you will be able to use and manage for our C-Panels.