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Starting an online website has never been easier! Get the automatic installation of WordPress with great features like performance, reliability, and security to make your online site at ease. Plus with HostingWheel acting as a backup partner for your site, you can be sure that it’s in safe hands with great a service.

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Every business has specific set of goals and audience. That’s why we have different plans to meet a variety of needs of our clients. Whether you are an enterprise or startup, our website design services are perfect to align with your requirement.

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Fully Automated WordPress

Focus on growing your business and leave the difficult task up to us. Let us handle things like security updates, archiving, caching, cloning, and more so you can do your best with our world-class WordPress services to build a profitable business on your own. You also get a pre-configured WordPress site with admin access for one-click installation from a variety of themes and plugins on your site to minimize the effort for customizing each and every setting at the start.

Starting ₹12,000

24/7 Loyal Support

You can contact us via email, chat, or any of the social media platform which is available for each of our customers to ask a question of their will. Regardless of the problem, our team of specialists is available around the clock to help you solve your problem in the shortest possible time so that you don’t get distracted and explore any options without any worries.

Starting ₹14,000


Free Of Charge Migration

Migrating a site from one host to another could be difficult for beginners. Don’t worry! Our easy-to-use migration tool can help you migrate your site to another location at no additional cost, for all of our customer that are using our WordPress plans. Even if you feel uncomfortable with the tool and you want a specialist to do the job, we have got that covered too. Just say the word and we will migrate your WordPress site within minutes.

Starting ₹11,000

Top-Rated Performance

Expect nothing less than the top quality performance! With every setup, you get high performance and fast page loading that outranks any other website on the market. Our secret ingredient for your WordPress site is a specially configured server that reduces the load on your WordPress site even in high traffic situations while increasing productivity.

Starting ₹16,000


WordPress, A Quick Way To Success


Complete Control

Access pre-configured WordPress setups that provide full control over files, databases, and other elements to build your WordPress site from the ground up.


Reliable Archive & Backup

WordPress is able to create daily backup files, ensuring you’re prepared for potential data loss. You can conveniently restore your Archer files with a single click and download a copy to your computer from the server.


Scalable & Efficient

Your WordPress hosting can handle any amount of traffic, ready to power your business growth on our cloud servers.


Inbuilt Google Tools

Maximize the benefits of integrating Google tools into your WordPress site using additional plugins to enhance its functionality and efficiency, making your service more accessible to a larger user base.


Powerful Architecture

A website’s speed affects Google rankings and brand loyalty. We offer tested optimal settings used by millions to handle heavy traffic without crashing.


Auto Malware Scan

Automatically detects and combats viruses from third-party applications to safeguard your system from online fraud. The plan includes features such as SSH, CloudFlare, CND, and more.


Advance Cache Management

WordPress takes care of your website’s cache, allowing you to keep your code clean and fast. This makes it easier for search engines and users to access your site also boosting its speed.

Why HostingWheel’s WordPress Hosting?


Dedicated Team Support

Let our experienced and professional WordPress experts provide you with high-quality advice, who know all the ins and outs of WordPress features to help you in any situation.


Lightspeed Storages

Use our lightweight webserver to add powerful features to your WordPress hosting with great scalability for getting the best performance for any online business.


Server Center Choice

Choose the data center closest to you to the targeted area for accessing your local audience and increase the speed when connecting to web servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is an easy-to-use and popular management system with most online businesses looking to create a simple website without coding in very little time. This has made WordPress an industry favorite for content creators, such as bloggers, affiliate marketers, and drop shippers to build their online businesses from scratch as they just need an internet connection to do the job. WordPress offers its users to installs one-click technical and security update as it is managed by an open-source group which is created by highly-skilled programmers who work 24/7 on projects to provide you with security and software updates to keep up with market trends without having to make technical improvements on your own.

WordPress is free, open-source software that you can install on your hosting without paying any money to run a productive and easy-to-use environment that you don't even need to manage yourself.
WordPress has a library of themes and plugins that you can install with a single click from their dashboard. This will provide you with tools to add multiple features to your site which will ultimately help you to create a perfect Website.
No, with WordPress hosting, you can only use WordPress as a content management system on your server as it is optimized for WordPress oriented jobs.
If you plan to run a site with moderate or heavy traffic without having to process thousands of lines of code to fix errors, WordPress hosting is the perfect solution for you because it has a pre-installed configuration that you can easily use for its multifunctional dashboard.

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