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Hosting Fact : Apache and Nginx are the two most popular web servers in the market. Both had a combined of almost 75% of the market shares – Apache (44%), Nginx (30.8%), per w3techs.


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  • ₹800 Save 50%
  • 400 /mon
    • Host 1 Website
    • 3 GB SSD SSD
    • 5 Email accounts
    • Free SSL
    • Fully managed Wordpress
    • Web Application Firewall
    • Malware Scanner
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  • GOLD
  • ₹1000 Save 50%
  • 500 /mon
    • Host 5 website
    • 10GB SSD SSD
    • 10 Email accounts
    • Free SSL
    • Fully managed Wordpress
    • Web Application Firewall
    • Malware Scanner
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  • ₹1700 Save 50%
  • 850 /mon
    • Host 100 websites
    • 35gb SSDSSD
    • 15 Email accounts
    • Free SSL
    • Fully managed Wordpress
    • Web Application Firewall
    • Malware Scanner
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  • ₹2200 Save 50%
  • 1100 /mon
    • Host Unlimited Websites
    • 50gb SSDSSD
    • 30 Email Accounts
    • Free SSL
    • Fully managed Wordpress
    • Web Application Firewall
    • Malware Scanner
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Powerful semantic publishing platform

WordPress comes with a fantastic set of features that are designed to make the publishing experience smooth. It offers a semantic publishing environment with great stability. You can publish the content in an easy, appealing, and pleasant manner. It offers a lightweight, free content management system compliant to all standards. With its customizable, and sensible default features and settings, publishing is amazingly easy.


It is a hardcore web publishing software

It is a platform for sharing content and attracting readers to your website. WordPress is not merely a website, but a comprehensive, content-publishing platform. It gives a powerful megaphone to blow your trumpet to the online world. Pushing content to the social media platforms, providing an optimal format to the website so that it appears at the top of the search result, and offering the ability to the users to subscribe to particular content sub-feeds in the preferred feed reader or email; WordPress is the best!


It is a proven technology

WordPress powers more than one-fourth of websites that are getting launched every year. Content Management System of WordPress is a choice of half of the top million websites that are dominating the online space. Both big and small content publishers worldwide are showing their trust on WordPress. With a glorious history of 13 years and a huge base of 50 million websites worldwide, you can trust on this best software for the web.


Incredibly easy to use

WordPress is an unbelievably easy and simple interface. It is similar to any desktop publishing software. With no requirement of expert knowledge or programming experience, the learning curve is short. Most users can pick up the basics without any training. Continuous improvement and refinement of interfaces, WordPress becomes the easiest platform.


Limitless functionality

With thousands of plugins extensions, the functionality of WordPress has no boundaries. You are free to do whatever you want to do with the WordPress code. You can modify it in any way, extend it, or use it commercially without worrying about license fees. You have complete control over it.


6 A community of vibrant users

You have a fleet of fellow users who have solved the toughest of challenges to sharing information using WordPress. With a library of more than 50K open-source, free Plugins and Themes, which is ever-growing and hundreds of people contributing to it in every release cycle, the viability of WordPress is beyond comparison.


Multisite feature

If required, then the multisite feature of WordPress can be activated on demand. You can develop and maintain multiple sites with only one WordPress installation. Several virtual sites can be shared. It becomes a network of sites.


Easy content management

“Content is the king”, everyone knows the phrase. However, it is not enough to build great content. You do not reap the benefits unless it is marketed well. It can create an impact only when it stands out from the crowd. WordPress has unlimited features and tools that make it easy to create, organize, and publish the content.
You can incorporate multimedia, blogs, and other posts and create good content that resonates with the audience and bring more business leads.


In-built blogging

WordPress is a well-known blogging platform as well. Hence, creating and managing a blog is a cakewalk. The built-in functionality of blogging has many features. Use these easy and user-friendly features to make an impressive blog.

FAQs on Woocommerce Hosting

WordPress hosting caters to sites that use the WordPress platform. Have you decided if it is going to be the best fit for your site? Well, if yes, then you must have some questions and queries about it? These questions may confuse you sometimes. Therefore, it is better to get them resolved before you proceed.

WordPress hosting is a style of hosting configured fully to the WordPress site. WordPress is quite a lean framework. Hence, you can make the most out of it. Other hosting environments have generic configuration unless you choose a dedicated environment or a VPS server. Thus, it becomes difficult to optimize the individual website. However, choosing WordPress hosting for a WordPress site is easy and trouble-free.
For a WordPress site, choosing WordPress hosting gives natural advantages. · The server environment is best optimized for WordPress sites. Hence, performance improves drastically. · Servers use default security features and configuration of WordPress. Hence, it gives optimized performance despite using higher security protocols. · The hosting environment is always up to date. It is because of the dedicated server support by WordPress experts. · Customer support of WordPress is a breeze. There is a fleet of dedicated WordPress experts who know ins and out of site and server management.
Does your website attract mid to high traffic? If yes, then you are the best candidate to get benefited by the WordPress hosting environment. An overall improvement in all aspects can be seen, not just loading speed.

Why Hostingwheel?

We offer a free and easy to perform WordPress installation with a simple dashboard and cPanel to get your site up and running in no time at all.

The increased speeds and performance of our servers will authorize you to make a fast and fully functional website in the easiest way possible with no coding knowledge needed.

Also, our support team is ready to answer any of your questions within minutes, so you can focus on your product and let us do the heavy lifting for you to get the best WordPress hosting experience with HostingWheel.

Security is no longer an issue for HostingWheel customers as we provided the ultimate firewall to stop malicious traffic before it can even reach your Website.

Our security tools monitor every single WordPress Website to protect against brute force, malware scanning, and spam filtering attacks to ensure a secure infrastructure for our users.

We continuously update our security services to make them even better than before by adding new patches to detect the latest security weakness to make your hosting experience better than ever.


Google has officially said that higher loading speed indicates a better chance of ranking on their top pages which is why we have optimized our server speeds to better perform on WordPress websites exclusively.

Our plugins offer you powerful caching, image optimization, and a version control system to make your website light weighted. Also, our easy to access data centers are present all over the world to give you the best loading time on your WordPress pages.

HostingWheel has helped developers and designers to reach their business goals all over the world.

We have given you access to advanced services like SSH, Git, phpMyAdmin, WP-CLI, SFTP, and a compilation environment to manage your WordPress website.

In addition, our services are good for developers as they were exclusively created for them to establish a new, fast and secure project on their websites while achieving new heights with our special tools that are available for free to our customers.

HostingWheel has been committed to WordPress over many years to offer the best performance by giving our customers a fully functional dashboard that offers services like One-click installations, FTP, Free Domain Name, and total control over the server to easily manage your site.

Our specialist will help to easily migrate your WordPress websites in seconds to other servers without taking any charges to ensure a fast and easy process with no loss of data. Also, our 24/7 Customer support is ready to fix any of the problems that you may face in the process by giving you knowledgeable advice in a friendly way.

Our fast SSD storage and the built-in CloudFlare support will help you to increase your website speed by more than 10X to get optimum page loading speed on all of our WordPress Hosting plans.

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Supercharged Servers

Whether you want a high traffic site or a simple blogging site we have got you covered with multiple WordPress configurations that are optimized to handle any traffic situation without affecting the performance of your website.

Fast Server Tracking

Our surveillance system checks the server data every hour to provide much more frequent surveillance with a detailed report on all of our services that helps in detecting current problems and fixes in very little time.

Regular Backup

We perform a daily backup of your WordPress Website to be prepared for any unexpected situations that might happen in the future with easy recovery solutions that you can do in a few clicks on our servers.

Automatic Updates

Get great responsiveness and smoothness through our regular updates which increases the security of our servers and fixes any bugs that were detected by our search team to always stay ahead of our competitors.

Single-Click Setup

The pre-installed WordPress setup allows you to create repositories, download themes and make local changes directly from your dashboard which helps you to build responsive websites in a virtual interface without worrying about the backend code.

Total Control

We offer a friendly and easy-to-understand dashboard that lets you do all the tasks with a click of a button to make any changes that are quite helpful for most of the WordPress users with no coding experience.

best web hosting providers

The Perfect Environment For Your Success

It doesn’t matter what problems you run into, big or small, technical or design related, our WordPress specialists can easily fix it for you in seconds.

If you want to grow your business faster and better, then you need an online website to build a strong presence in your area. That’s why Hostingwheel offers various web hosting packages that you can choose based on your needs, according to your needs.

Choosing our web hosting will ensure you to get ultimate success on your business model while achieving new heights with our quick loading speeds and on top of all that a dedicated team will keep an eye out for you, so you can completely focus on growing your project and leave everything else to us.

Superior Features at Unbeatable Prices

We are the favorite of customers with our leading role in the industry, which makes our services value for money.

Selecting a WordPress hosting from us is a great way to start your online journey inexpensively as we offer premium features at a cost-effective price range which are easy to set up and takes very little time to get your website out there on the internet.