Private Policy

Welcome to HostingWheel

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of HostingWheel’s services. By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions and follow our rules and regulations to get a productive environment of development, with little to no restrictions.

User Information

When you register for one of our services, we ask you to provide information such as your contact number, name, home address, email address, payment methods such as credit and debit cards or PayPal, which helps us to understand our user’s needs in any situation. The most common way we use the Google Analytics platform is to see which visitors are browsing our website and to obtain information such as user location, browser version, IP address, screen resolution, operating system, and flash support to serve all our visitors with a firewall that has been tested by GeoTrust to prevent eavesdroppers through third party networks from accessing the information on our website, ultimately to increase the security of all your transactions.

How we use your data?

In general, we use customer data for payment purposes and provide better convenience and support to our users. You can easily unsubscribe from receiving our emails to your services, which are sent to you every week for spreading knowledge about our updates and new features of our platform. HostingWheel may use your location to enhance personalization features when you visit our websites and we do this in such a way that your data stays secure with anyone other than you can’t access the information on your behalf. This information includes data about third party software’s, customer payment services, and other personal items that we receive from you. Your data is safe with us as the server is encrypted with a high level of security, which is only available for you to check or change. In addition, our service is not available to customers under the age of 13 as it violates our personal guidelines for storing information of underaged citizens.


We use cookies on our website to store users’ data for recording purposes that include personal & professional information at the time you spend on our website. by accessing HostingWheel you have agreed to provide cookies of your browser and given us permission to retrieve your data anytime you visit a website. Cookies are used in our platform to get the functionality in certain areas and make it easier for the visitor to access multiple features like affiliate programs and user id which can be stored on the browser for a long period of time with a secure location that protects our users from online hacks. If you refuse to approve cookies you can continue using HostingWheel, but you will have to enter your username, password, and other autofill things on your own as it will only stat as long as you stay on your browser.

Log Files

Most of the information that we collect is stored in logs files which includes browser type, internet protocol (IP), internet service provider (ISP), referring / exit pages, operating system, date and time of purchase, etc. We use non-personal information to analyze the latest trends and monitor the traffic around our website while gathering common information about our entire user base which is automatically collected with your consent to administrate HostingWheel’s services. Every collected data has an associated roll like the IP address is stored to link the user in a database to prevent any abuse to our services which third-party tracking services do. We use multiple platforms to find the total amount of traffic our website is handling and how many users daily navigate over the sign to determine basic statistics to further identify information of our visitors. We use your offered information in our demographic services to provide things like registrations, emails, forms, etc. that I could help you in contacting on any occasion which you have consented to receive by choosing our additional notifications policy. Moreover, we do not pass this information to a third-party source but you can choose to decline these notifications completely from your profile settings.

Content Liabilities & Forums

Once you purchase our services we are not responsible for any content that is shown on your website and you agree to protect and defend us against any such claims made by other people. Links that can be considered libelous, obscene, criminal, violating, and including other third party rights will be charged on the customer and not on our services.

Also, we conduct some regular internal surveys to participate with our customers in a voluntary activity for identifying their personal interests. The data collected from this activity is used to improve HostingWheel’s products and services to match our customer’s expectations without involving any third parties websites.

User Interaction

At HostingWheel, we try to maintain the interaction between our users and our services by providing regular updates on email addresses with the requested information so that customers can better understand our services and features at their comfort of their own. We do not outsource our projects to third party websites and your contact information remains in safe hands with us and it is only used to take your service to the next level by offering you more control and features in return. You have a complete overview of your account and the information you submit will not be used for any purpose unless you tell us your preferences and we will send a confirmation email to your registered service before making any changes. In addition, our team will always notify you before making a payment or any changes to your plans to verify your identity from any unusual services.


Our users have the option to “subscribe” and “unsubscribe” to our newsletter at any time of the day. Overall, our newsletter contains useful information that can help you improve your website and it is sent regularly every month to your registered email. If you do not wish to read our newsletter and our advertising messages, you can unsubscribe at any time to delete our monthly updates with a press of a button.

Information Exchange Approach

Google Analytics is used to collect information from our visitors at our website to improve our web services and the information is never passed on to third parties for sale. In addition, we do not link or collect user data with personal information to protect the privacy of our platform where customers can carry out their business easily.

User Identity

HostingWheel does not have any personal or professional links to third-party websites that sell, rent, or trade usage data, as we have taken an initiative to never share personal data with other companies in the market. These strict rules are included in our privacy policy to prohibit suspicions about our services so you can be sure that we are protecting your identity by trusting our services.

How to change or update your information?

Users can easily access any personal information that we collect by logging in to their password-protected HostingWheel’s account to update or make changes according to their requirements. The process is easy to understand and only takes a few minutes to correct factual errors that may have occurred accidentally. Requests are processed in real-time to immediately show you that your information is up to date in the system. Plus, we have taken reasonable steps in HostingWheel to ensure and maintain user privacy by hiding their identity from the world. Before you can change your information, you must verify your identity in order to gain access to an unmatched security system of our website.

Special Terms

We do not monitor, edit, or disclose any content on our private user base to other parties except when it is required by law. In this case, it is necessary to take such protective measures to respond to our claims by taking action against them. Therefore, by using our services, you agree to this terminology before receiving our hosting package, because we need to contact the owners of our service users in case of illegal things, harassing, defamatory, or violating data. Harassment, threats, harm, vulgarity, obscene, deviant, or not corrupt is against is and we do not support them in any way possible. Plus, if the content violates or may threaten the intellectual property or rights of others we ban them from using our platform for any current or future purchases.

Disclaimer Statement

In remote conditions, if we believe it is necessary to protect our rights and a government authority ordered us to come clean with information of our users for any charges applied on your end then we would disclose your personal information to such authorities to establish a favorable condition for ourselves and comply with judicial procedures, court orders, or legal processes done on our company.

Safety Rights

We will protect your personal information to meet industry standards provided by the brand’s authority with every transaction to do business with our customers securely because we have taken all necessary steps to keep the information secure from any online attacks and Internet security breaches on the internet. Moreover, HostingWheel is protected by a secure socket layer connection, also called SSL in short, to keep your data safe and the powerful protection system ensures absolute safety under all the conditions we may face in the future.

Third-Party Doctrine

HostingWheel does not control any third party website links and it doesn’t take any responsibility for their actions so please note that on encountering such a situation we will deny it from the core as we personally collect data and doesn’t use other services to do it for us. The privacy policy is only applied to information collected on HostingWheel’s services and not to other platforms.

Update Notice

Any changes made to the privacy policy will be posted immediately on the update page and a notification will appear on the home page notifying our existing users about new changes to the personnel policy that have been made on HostingWheel. While we reserve the right to change our data policy at any time, please keep in touch with our regular email to see if anything has moved as we will notify you whenever we make changes to our web servers. For more information, please contact HostingWheel’s support team at any time or email us to inquire in detail about such a situation with our customer executive available at any time of the day.