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Social Media Marketing or SMM is an internet marketing solution that works on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others to increase daily traffic to your original website.

This strategy is used to increase brand awareness and meet audience expectations by posting updates to get more engagement by basic advertising on social media platforms. SMM can be done through a text, image, or video that shows the brand identity and also includes the messages that the company is trying to sell.

Above all, social media marketing is the fastest-growing strategy for any online business without spending a fortune on other engagement solutions. It is ideal for reaching users around the world for successful commits with constantly changing strategies.


Our social media campaigns work by increasing the visibility of the company and showing targeted advertisements to expand the site’s audience at a convenient budget. We follow a simple way of brainstorming, implementing, analyzing, and improving to match current market trends for optimal performance by HostingWheel experts.

Moreover, the social media market services never lighten as the internet attracts more and more users every day to other social media platforms that act as future customer base for your brand. Hence, optimizing your audience and making a highly effective page is a way of working towards building a bigger community than other competitors in the market for seeking constant growth and opportunities for your business.

Social Media Services Includes

Our Versatile Social Media Marketing Agency Offerings


Facebook Marketing

Our Facebook marketing services help you connect with a vast audience through targeted ads and engaging posts, boosting your brand’s visibility and customer interaction.


Instagram Marketing

We create visually appealing Instagram content and ads to attract followers, increase engagement, and promote your products or services effectively.


LinkedIn Marketing

Our LinkedIn marketing services help you connect with professionals through targeted content and ads, enhancing your brand’s credibility and generating leads.


Twitter Marketing

Our Twitter marketing services focus on creating timely, relevant tweets and ads to build your brand’s presence and foster real-time engagement with your audience.


Pinterest Marketing

We design eye-catching Pinterest pins and boards to showcase your products or ideas, driving traffic to your website and increasing brand awareness.


YouTube Marketing

We create and promote engaging YouTube videos that capture your audience’s attention, boosting your brand’s visibility and driving more traffic to your site.

SMO Packages Alpha Beta Gamma
Minimum Duration 1 month 1 month 1 month
Channel Targeting Only Google Ads or FB Ads Google Ads and FB Ads Google Ads and FB Ads
Ad Budget Upto Rs 1 lakh Upto Rs 2 lakh Any Budget


Initial Estimate Report
Landing Page Recommendation
Unlimited Keywords
Text Ads
Conversion Tracking
A/B Testing
Google Analytics Set-up
Campaign Management
Mobile Ads
Gmail Ads (GSP)
Landing Page Optimization
ROI Tracking

Benefits of Using Social Media

Using social media has many benefits in various aspects of life

Stay Connected

Easily keep in touch with friends and family worldwide by sharing updates, photos, and messages.

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Platforms like LinkedIn offer great opportunities for professional connections to advance your career.

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Stay updated on news and trends by following news outlets, influencers, and experts.

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Business Promotion

Cost-effective marketing, customer engagement, and brand building for businesses.

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Enjoy a wide range of entertainment content, from videos and memes to live streams and music.

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Access tutorials, courses, and webinars on various topics to acquire new skills and knowledge

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Connect with like-minded individuals in support groups, hobby communities, and professional networks.

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Collect real-time feedback from customers to improve products and services.

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Find job opportunities posted by companies on platforms like LinkedIn.

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Brand-Oriented Social Media Marketing Services

Create a striking online presence, boost brand loyalty & supplement lead generation

How Your Brand Sails & Sells With Our SMM Services


Setting Up and Enhancing Profiles

Creating and optimizing social media profiles to ensure they are comprehensive, professional, and captivating. This involves adding profile pictures, cover images, and pertinent details.


Generating Content

Crafting and sharing high-quality content like posts, images, videos, and stories that resonate with the target audience. Content should be engaging, educational, and in line with the brand’s message.


Content Planning

Strategizing and scheduling posts to guarantee consistent and timely updates on social media platforms. This aids in maintaining an active presence and engaging the audience.


Engaging with the Community

Interacting with followers by addressing comments, messages, and mentions. This fosters strong relationships with the audience and improves customer service.


Utilizing Social Media Advertising

Designing and overseeing paid advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to expand reach and achieve business objectives.


Analyzing and Reporting

Monitoring and evaluating social media performance using tools and metrics. This involves tracking engagement, reach, impressions, and conversions to identify successful strategies.


Monitoring Competition

Observing competitors’ social media strategies to discern tactics and pinpoint areas for enhancement.


Managing Campaigns

Organizing and executing social media campaigns for specific events, product launches, or promotions. This covers goal setting, content creation, and campaign performance evaluation.


Analyzing Trends

Staying abreast of the latest social media trends and algorithm updates to adjust strategies and maintain engaging and pertinent content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the social media platform, there are a few broad metrics to consider such as people reached, total number of likes, number of subscribers, website traffic & reshares. Based on the agreeable metrics, we will dedicate all our efforts to improve those metrics month on month.
That completely depends on the niche you are operating in. In the B2C space, the number of followers can be exorbitant; ranging from a few hundreds to even thousands. However, with adequate brainstorming; our B2B clients also witness gratifying results. Apart from audience interest, there are plenty of factors that come into play. Moreover, whether you are going for an organic or paid ad approach can also dictate the results.
Again, that depends on your business and the type of campaigns that you deploy. As social media algorithms are constantly changing, the organic route can take longer to show results than paid campaigns. But, we have a record of developing viral campaigns that spark audience interest and send a steady stream of traffic to your website every month.
Our social media experts are highly learning agile and would love to take that challenge. We have been driving social media following for brands that are considered to be difficult to penetrate on a social level. But, we have experienced that powerful storytelling can always turn the tables your way. Either ways, we would be designing a campaign only after having a detailed discussion with you.
To be honest, our approach is not completely automated. Like other social media agencies, we do not throw away brand building opportunities with erroneous and unprofessional messaging. We rely on creative storytelling to create an impact and always maintain a human approach to your content, showing your customers that your genuinely care for them.

Not at all. We value your time and will only ask for your assistance when completely imperative. Generally, the social media manager dedicated for your account will collate the requirements, agree on expectations and will be your point of contact for any changes or modifications to the campaign. However, we encourage our clients to open up about their previous social media experiences to understand what went in the right and wrong direction.
We have a dedicated team of creative designers, storytellers and campaign experts to drive your campaign from start to finish. In most cases, we would be doing everything from ideation to execution without needing a content from your side. But, if you prefer or insist on a particular content type or format from your side; we would be happy to include them.
We will be responding to all incoming messages, reviews and post comments. But, that would completely in-line with your brand tone and guidelines; which our social media manager will take a note of during the initial discussions. We would be on your toes to maintain the sanity of your social media brand.
Once you develop a loyal following who truly believe in your brand, leads will definitely start pouring in. The first step, however, is to set-up the pages right and post the right content at the right time to generate user traction that takes time; depending on the industry you are operating in.
Yes, depending on the customized social media package that you select; we can dedicate a percentage to paid ad campaigns. Typically, both organic and paid campaigns work in conjunction and we will leave no stone unturned in delivering the best possible ROI from your paid social campaigns.
To be honest, our approach is not completely automated. Like other social media agencies, we do not throw away brand building opportunities with erroneous and unprofessional messaging. We rely on creative storytelling to create an impact and always maintain a human approach to your content, showing your customers that your genuinely care for them.

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