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Why transfer?

Not all domain providers provides domain hosting combo offer for equal service that you may need for your Website which is why HostingWheel gives a special opportunity to all its users, that one can use to transfer their domains to our server. Our goal is to make this service safe and simple, so the user can relax and enjoy the benefit of Hosting Wheel’s services.

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Manage Everything from one place

If you an owner number of domains, transferring them to one location can help you easily access them whenever you need without logging into different hosting accounts.

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Privacy & Security

The better domain register you get the more privacy and security it will give you, so if your old registrar is not suitable for your needs then you can transfer it to another location to get more Privacy & Security on your domain names.

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Easy Maintenance

If you have a domain and hosting on a single server then it becomes quite easy for you to maintain it properly. It also helps you to make subdomains and change nameservers from one place which is quite comfortable for the user with domain hosting combo offer.

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Regular Monitoring

Stay updated with the world by monitoring your domain regularly without using multiple cPanels to ensure that your services are running ideally on the servers.

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Perfect For Bulk Buying

Many individuals try to buy bulk domains to later sell them at a higher price. These domains are purchased from different registrars and later transferred to one location to keep track of them.

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Easy & Simple

Transferring is an easy and simple process that can be performed by anyone without any external knowledge as it only takes a few clicks to get your domain from the original registrar to its new destination.

To ensure a safe and successful transfer:

  • Make sure that your domain has been registered for at least 60 days.
  • The domain must be purchased from a valid source.
  • The domain has to be active in another registrar directory.
  • Access to domain control panel is required to do the forwarding process.
  • Not sure how to transfer a domain?
  • Get the best domain hosting combo offer.

Ready to transfer your domain name?

domain hosting combo offer

Hosting Fact: 154 Million are hosted Domains worldwide

domain hosting combo offer

Not sure how to transfer a domain?

Our transfer process is mostly automatic and risk-free which means that you can transfer your domain without worrying about any other criteria in very little time by following these simple steps:


Select the domain name

Enter the domain name that you wish to transfer in the input field provided on top of the HostingWheel domain transfer page.


Enter User Information

Afterward, fill in all of your details and verify the purchase to continue with the process of transferring your domain.


Get EEP code

Enter the code which you will get from your old domain provider. It is generally present on the settings and information page and you can also search for it from the official Website of your domain registration.


Confirm your Email

Finally, you can complete your purchase by verifying the email that you will be receiving in the registered email account.

Congratulations! You have successfully transferred your domain to HostingWheel and it will take a few days to complete your verify your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

HostingWheel charges lower rates with better services compared to other companies in the hosting industry, so after paying the initial fee you can expect to have a reduced rate on renewal which could save your money in the long run with an amazing user interface to easily control and customize all aspects of your domain from a single dashboard.

It basically takes around five to seven days to receive the actual confirmation which will be sent by HostingWheel to your registered email address to let you know that the process is complete and you can now use your domain for HostingWheel servers.
Login to HostingWheel's dashboard and navigate your way to find domain and transfer section which will give you all the information that you need, including the status of your domain transaction. Also, HostingWheel will regularly notify you on your registered email account to keep you updated on the transfer status of the domain.
Once the domain has expired you can renew it from HostingWheel service by paying an annual fee which will give you all the permissions to manage your domain for the given period of time. The Plans scale from one month to three years and the higher plan you will choose the better discounts you will get which is why the yearly renewal plan is best for an average customer.

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