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Things you should know about while transferring a domain

Cheap Domain Hosting :Transferring a domain from one registrar (such as GoDaddy) to another (such as HostingWheel) can be a frightening experience. You have domain names that you want to keep operational throughout the transition, and you want to know that they’ll be secure. This blog post was written to explain how the transition process works.

Until moving a domain, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  • The name servers for a domain are not updated when it is transferred. If your domain is already hosted by HostingWheel you know and trust, this is a good thing. If you’re using your registrar’s name servers (for example, if you’re using GoDaddy’s DNS), you can move to HostingWheel’s name servers before starting your transfer because they’ll most likely turn off your DNS records during the transfer or shortly after it’s done.

  • Your domain must be older than 60 days and not have been transferred in the previous 60 days.

  • Before you begin your domain transfer, you must first activate your domain.

  • Before attempting to pass a domain, some registrars, such as GoDaddy, demand that you remove whois privacy protection.

  • You’ll need an authorization code from your current registrar for many domains, which you’ll need to apply along with your domain.

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When you start a domain transition, the first thing we do is look up the administrative contact email address for your domain in the current Whois. We also search for the email address of the registrant. If these two email addresses are different, an authorization email will be sent to both of them. This authorization email will be sent from and will contain text describing the request for a transfer. It will contain a connection that you must click in order to complete the move.

We will apply your transfer request to the registry for your domain once you have approved it. The current registrar has five days to respond to the transfer request at this stage. They have five days to accept, refuse, or do nothing about the move. If they haven’t done anything by the end of the five days, the transition will be completed automatically.

The following reasons can cause your current registrar to deny the transfer:

  • Fraudulent proof

  • Uniform Domain Name Policy Action

  • A court of competent jurisdiction must issue an order under the UDRP.

  • Dispute about the identity of the Registered Name Holder or Administrative Contact that is fair.

  • The first 60 days of a domain name’s initial registration period have passed.

  • If the domain name has not yet expired, there will be no payment for prior registration periods (including credit card charge-backs), or for previous or existing registration periods if the domain name has not yet expired. Prior to the denial of transfer, the Registrar of Record must place the domain name on “Registrar Hold” status in all such situations and more reasons.

When your transfer is complete, your domain will be automatically extended for the minimum allowed registration duration, which for most domains is one year. Since the cheap domain hosting has been expanded, you will not lose any time remaining on your domain registration. The extension is included in the domain transfer fee. After we receive notice that the transfer is complete, the domain will appear as registered in your account, and we will charge your credit card for the transfer amount. You’ll also get an email confirming that the transfer was successful.

There will be a brief period of time between when your transition is completed and when it appears as recorded in your HostingWheel account, during which time the domain will no longer be listed on the losing registrar’s domain list. That is why you need to switch to HostingWheel’s Domain Transfer Service. HostingWheel for Cheap Domain Hosting and Hosting Services.