Which is better Reseller hosting vs VPS hosting?

Want to launch own business website? You must choose a website name, visualise the look and feel, and search through hundreds of themes, plugins, and other options. Isn’t it obvious that this isn’t an easy task? But, in the middle of it all, there is one aspect of starting a website that is often overlooked: finding the best web hosting. What I mean by ignored is the fact that people often buy hosting without much thought, only to discover later that it isn’t suitable for their website’s requirements. So, how do you make your decision?

A good web hosting service combines a number of factors, including page load speed, customer service, security, storage space, and downtime. However, with so many web hosting choices to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

We’ve decided to compare two common hosting options, Best Reseller Hosting SSD and Best VPS Reseller Hosting, to make your job easier. We’ll go through the differences between VPS and Reseller Hosting, as well as the factors to consider when determining which hosting is best for your online company!

First and foremost, let us define reseller hosting and virtual private server hosting.


Reseller Hosting is the best option if you want to start your own web design/development firm or a reseller company. You, the reseller (owner), buy a hosting package that includes bandwidth and hard disc space with Reseller Hosting. Once you’ve purchased your hosting, you can rent out parts of it to various customers. Thus, in Reseller Hosting, the hosting reseller earns revenue by acting as a hosting service to their end users.

The Benefits of Reseller Hosting :

  • Setup and management are easy.

  • There is no requirement for previous professional experience.

  • Upgrades are both affordable and easy.

  • It includes a control panel that can be customised as well as many themes.

  • With a single control panel, you can easily handle all of your customers’ websites.

  • Customers’ control panels, as well as the customer’s account, can be controlled by resellers.


A VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is a form of hosting in which a single physical server is divided into several independent virtual servers. VPS Hosting is the ideal bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers because of this feature.

While all of the sub-servers share the same physical space, hosting resources such as CPU, RAM, OS, and disc space are not. This separate compartmentalization helps to preserve website protection while also giving each hosting server full-root access (easy to instal software, change server configuration, and so on). If you’re a web developer or designer, VPS Hosting will help you create high-traffic websites or applications.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

  • A single physical server is partitioned into several servers, each with its own set of resources.

  • Cost-effective, scalable, and upgradeable

  • Provides a programmable environment

  • Total root access is included.

  • You don’t need a technical expertise for this.

  • Safe and efficient


The distinction between VPS and Reseller Hosting is as stark as the distinction between chalk and cheese. However, as with any other hosting choice, the decision ultimately comes down to what you need.

Reseller Hosting is the logical option if you’re thinking about starting a reseller venture. VPS Hosting, on the other hand, is recommended if you’re into web design or production, or if you’re thinking about moving your current website to a new hosting style due to high traffic.

Reseller Hosting, to put it simply, is for those who just want to run a reselling service. VPS Hosting, on the other hand, is suitable for almost anybody, whether they operate an online company, a forum, or a web design firm.

Both of these hosting forms are available from HostingWheel, which guarantees 99.9% uptime, quick page load times, excellent support, and simple migration. So, what do you have to lose? To get started with your online company, choose a business form, register a domain name, and buy hosting.