Which Hosting is much better AWS OR Traditional?

Web hosting is the most popular way for most businesses to build, publish, and maintain a web page or website on the internet these days. Traditional web hosting services and cloud hosting services are the two broad types of common web hosting services. Amazon Web Services is one of the largest cloud hosting providers. If you’re unsure whether to go with conventional hosting or AWS, read this blog, which compares both services to help you make a decision.

What are the Various Styles of Web Hosting Services?

Traditional hosting services are divided into two categories: shared and committed. In the case of dedicated hosting, the customer is responsible for paying for all equipment used by the service provider. On the other hand, shared hosting services are a better option in which the customer pays for a specific amount of storage space on a single server. A variety of different websites share the server’s resources as well. If an organisation opts for shared or dedicated web hosting, there are a number of disadvantages to consider, including performance problems, a higher chance of security breaches, and other technical issues.

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS), and What is it’s process of working?

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a virtual web hosting service used by most businesses nowadays. Amazon launched the hosting service in 2002, with a cloud-based approach to hosting. AWS is a common choice among leading companies all over the world because it overcomes the numerous challenges that conventional web hosting services face. AWS is a cost-effective and safe way to customise, build, and maintain a website, in addition to being extremely user-friendly.

Now that we’ve given you a quick overview of traditional and Amazon hosting services, let’s compare five features of each.

1. The ability to scale

Traditional web hosting services are unable to keep up with increased website traffic, making scaling and adjusting website efficiency difficult. AWS, on the other hand, is extremely scalable and can quickly increase bandwidth if a spike in website traffic is observed.

Another benefit of AWS is that you can not only add bandwidth, but also reduce it depending on the traffic. AWS responds to website traffic more effectively than conventional hosting services in only a few clicks.


When it comes to configuring hosting services to suit your needs, AWS is more convenient than conventional hosting. AWS allows users a lot of freedom when it comes to programming languages, web application applications, and operating systems. You can also personalise your AWS setup by choosing which services and apps you want to use. Another benefit of AWS is the ability to develop innovative and better solutions to hosting problems.

3.Economically viable

Companies prefer hosting services that help them save money in the long run, and AWS is a common option these days because it provides a variety of useful features at a low cost website hosting. In the case of AWS, you just pay for the services you use, and there is no contract that binds you to the service up front. As a result, implementing reliable and efficient hosting is a cost-effective process.

4. Comprehensibility

When opposed to conventional web hosting services, AWS comes out on top in terms of user comprehension. AWS ensures that a user’s website is managed and maintained without difficulty. The AWS console is user-friendly and well-organized, and it also helps application providers to host applications safely. AWS is a great option if you’re looking for a simple to use hosting service.


As compared to AWS, traditional hosting services rely on adapting to website traffic, so it’s clear that AWS can provide services that don’t slow down your website’s results. Nobody has the patience to wait for a sluggish website in today’s high-tech environment. As a consequence, if you want to boost the efficiency of your website, you can use AWS.

Final Thoughts

When traditional and AWS web services are compared, it is clear that AWS is the better option. While many businesses favour traditional web hosting services, AWS has the advantage of outperforming traditional hosting in every way. If you’re looking for a web hosting service for your company, HostingWheel Networks will assist you. We’re an Indian dedicated web hosting business with extensive industry experience and a track record of high-quality service.